8 thoughts on “M A P

  1. I just found five of these wonderful pebbles around my road!

    I had seen them a few days ago and thought: ‘Hiding things like this would be a great idea to publicise a website of some sort…’.

    When I finally did pick it up I was pleasantly surprised!

    I did not keep it however (even though it was brilliant), but I did move it to a new street in Bristol so others can see it.

    Regards, Jake

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  4. hello, im 12 and me and my friend have just found one of your pebbles in bristol near the up-fest art festival.we were just commenting to say a big thankyou for ketting us find this pebble as we have just found this wonderful website! thank you again…from Eve and friend 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy the site/pictures and music

  5. I found 1 of your pebbles in hamstead north london thank you.

  6. I found TWO and I wasn’t even looking for anything either time! I shall have a look at your website now, great way to grab attention! I will keep one and pop the other one back!

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